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Growing agility is the first step towards success...

Our goal, and passion, is to help others build high performing organisations and teams. To have a growing agile culture, that enables people to be more efficient and effective in delivering business value early.

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We specialise in public & private training courses

We offer a range of Agile, Software Craft, & Professional Scrum training courses and workshops for individuals and teams. You can take a look at our range of public training courses, or contact us for more information about a private, or more tailored, course within your organisation or book a free consultation with us to see how we can help.

Our courses
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Our training courses

We offer a range of Agile, Software Craft, & Professional Scrum training
courses and workshops for individuals and teams.

Take a look at all of our available courses

Our courses

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Take a look at all our available courses.

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Why choose us

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Expert Trainers

Our trainers are all Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) and have many years of both on the job and teaching experience. Learn from their real-life experience, not just from theory.

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Positive Experience

High pass rates, with highly interactive and learning that includes deliberate practice exercises to help take the theory and apply the learning into the real world.

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High Quality

Our courses are co-trained where possible to offer the highest quality training with a greater potential of generating a more diverse & greater learning experience for our students.

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On-going support

Even after your training, we’re there for you if you have questions about applying your learning in the workplace.

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Complementary Services

Looking for more support on your Agile journey after training? We’ve got you covered with our additional services of coaching & consulting.

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Recognised Certification

Professional Scrum Certification is globally recognised with over 345,000 individuals certified around the world.

Don’t just take our word for it! See what our clients say

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“Alex is an exceptional software craftsman. His passion for writing quality testable software and his desire to work within agile methodologies is infectious not just with his peers but also the business who soon understands that his desire for quality and his in depth practical knowledge of scrum only benefits the products he produces. I would jump at a chance to work with Alex again.”

Ting Nam

“Just a quick thank you – I have not made enough time for training in the last couple of years but this was easily the most interesting and enjoyable course!”

Carl Worden

“Thanks for the Scrum Training and it was very good – well presented, useful and relevant. Also a good mix of people who attend the course so I got a lot out of it in many ways”

Simon Benbaruk

“If organisation’s are really interested in any type of agile transformations then they need to invest in their development teams and this PSD course is the foundation to that”

Pete Shaw

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