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Our greatest joy comes from helping people and teams achieve what they never thought was possible.

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Hello! We are Alex and Chris the founders of b-agile.  We both come from a software development background with vast experience in delivering & supporting many projects and products.  We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly! And in the past, we can omit we’ve done more than our fair share of overtime and incorrect work-life balance. 

We came together in 2008, working on the same team to deliver enhancements at a company that worked in more of a traditional manner to deliver projects and this of course included supporting fragile legacy systems too. Yet an opportunity came to our team in 2010, to rewrite a failing product that was no longer fit for purpose and had no alternative but a rewrite.  

We decided as a team to look at better and more fun ways to deliver and to re-balance our work-life balance.  This is when we tried Scrum for the first time and began to incorporate all the valued added practices, including Extreme Programming, DevOps, and more, to help us deliver a potentially releasable increment at least by the end of each sprint. 

We delivered a successful replacement product on time with no defects, and no overwhelming end-release pressures, and with both the business and development team proud to say this is our product. From that point on we didn’t look back as we continuously strive to become better at delivering business value, as early as possible and to produce the highest quality and maintainable products.

Our goal, and passion, is now to help others build high-performing organisations and teams. To have a growing agile culture, that enables people to be more effective and efficient in delivering value to their customers. Our greatest joy comes from helping others achieve what they thought wasn’t possible.

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Expert Trainers

Our trainers are all Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) and have many years of both on the job and teaching experience. Learn from their real-life experience, not just from theory.

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Positive Experience

High pass rates, with highly interactive and learning that includes deliberate practice exercises to help take the theory and apply the learning into the real world.

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High Quality

Our courses are co-trained where possible to offer the highest quality training with a greater potential of generating a more diverse & greater learning experience for our students.

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On-going support

Even after your training, we’re there for you if you have questions about applying your learning in the workplace.

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Complementary Services

Looking for more support on your Agile journey after training? We’ve got you covered with our additional services of coaching & consulting.

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Recognised Certification

Professional Scrum Certification is globally recognised with over 345,000 individuals certified around the world.

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Do you want the benefits, privacy and flexibility that comes from private training? Great, contact our team to discuss your requirements and get the right course your organisation.

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