Furloughed – You can’t work, but you can train & is supported by the UK GOV!

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With the global corona virus pandemic forcing us to a prolonged isolation, with no distinct end date, we are all learning & adapting to new ways of working.  Some of the lucky ones are be able to switch to working from home, but there are many of us who have little work to do, with organisations paused or slowed down.  Whilst others have been furloughed by organisation altogether.

Like myself, probably most of us in the UK never even heard the word “furlough” before.  If you are furloughed by your employer, you are not allowed to carry out any work and the state finances 80% of your salary up to £2,500/month.  Employees can top this up to 100% but are not required.  

After watching Martin Lewis programming last night, I found out 2 new things on this topic.

  • government extended the furlough cut-off date to 19th March. 
  • that under furlough rules you can undertake training. 

In fact the Government guidelines explicitly recommend that furloughed employees should be encouraged to undertake training during this period.

If you find yourself in this position of being furloughed, then you could use this to your advantage, and we can help!

Agility is all about adapting to the realities and to learn how to take advantage of them. For us, our isolation challenge was to figure out how to conduct our interactive in-person training to a live virtual format, yet maintaining the same high level of quality, engagement, and learning. We’re pleased to announce, our trainers have completed several virtual classes with great success, customer feedback, and similar results as in-person ones.

Use this free paid time as opportunity to learn and improve yourself or your team.  View our Live Virtual Class schedule here – https://www.bagile.co.uk/training.

To help support others in this difficult time, and to take advantage of the current situation of being isolated at home, we’re placed a 20% discount on the all our virtual classes in April and May only.

If none of the dates suit and are interested, or like to have a private class, then please contact us at info@bagile.co.uk.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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