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Course overview

Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) with Nexus is a 2-day course designed for anyone involved in building products across multiple teams to learn how they can scale product delivery with Scrum.  In this workshop, students use a hands-on case study to learn about the Nexus framework and over 50 practices to reduce dependencies at scale.

“I’ve spent the last two years developing a two-day workshop about scaling Scrum from one to many teams on large projects. I worked with people who have actually constructed the frameworks and practices that made large projects and product initiatives work. Our smallest project experience was 3 teams, average 25 teams, and largest was 80 teams.

We have developed a workshop in which participants learn how to scale a project based on Scrum teams. This is not a philosophical methodology, like SAFe, but a nuts and bolts set of detailed tools and practices for your use. These practices are appended to the basic Scrum framework to create a process you can use to scale your next or current project.

We abstracted a framework for this scaling which we named Nexus. A Nexus is 3-9 Scrum teams that are working on a single Product Backlog to build an integrated increment that meets a goal. A Nexus+ is more than one Nexus interoperating to build a large product, usually integrated through a product family framework, api, or similar integrating technology.

We developed or reformulated 30+ practices, which cause the Nexus to operate predictably. During the workshop, you work in teams to apply the practices on a case study. Come to this workshop if you have a project or initiative that you need to successfully scale, or one that is in trouble. We will help you through teaching, exercises, and coaching.

The audience is systems engineers, development managers, lead developers … the people who will make this happen and have strong familiarity with modern development and Scrum. And for those that will manage the project and need to know when to step on the throttle, and when to brake.

Those of you who have invested and attempted commercial scaling methodologies such as SAFe will find this aimed at the organizing and doing of scaled development. It may well fill a gap that you have noticed when you get to setting up and running your projects, programs and releases.”

Comment by Ken Schwaber – co-creator of Scrum

Who Should Attend

The Scaled Professional Scrum course is recommended for development leads, development managers, project/program managers and anyone else involved in coaching, formulating, participating in or managing scaled product development projects using Agile and Scrum.

Course Objectives

  • The new roles, artifacts and events you need to scale successfully
  • How to organize several teams working on the same product so efforts and productivity are optimized
  • Practices that will help your teams build an integrated software product efficiently
  • Techniques to detect irregularities and how to address them appropriately
  • Challenges you may encounter in large-scale development initiatives and how to get back on track

Course Topics

  • Scaled Scrum is still Scrum
  • Introduction to the Nexus Framework
  • New role, artifacts and events
  • Organizing teams & work
  • Managing the Nexus & Nexus+™
  • Dealing with common challenges
  • Practices to help teams efficiently build an integrated software product

Certification & Assessments

All participants completing the Scaled Professional Scrum course will receive a password to attempt the Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) assessment. SPS class participants who attempt the SPS assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. The industry-recognized SPS certification requires a minimum passing score of 85% and involves understanding the Nexus Framework, knowledge from the course and of Scrum.

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Group Discount

We give group discounts on any of our public course when you send 3 or more people.  Email us at info@bagile.co.uk and we will do everything we can to accommodate your group, or team, needs.  

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