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Unleash Your Potential: Get Ahead with Private Training

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Are you ready to unlock your organization’s potential?

Look no further than b-agile for your private training needs. Whether you prefer in-person or virtual training, we have you covered.

At b-agile, we not only teach the values, but we live them. Our customer-focused, value-driven in-house training is rooted in delivering exceptional value to our clients. We understand the importance of providing high-quality training tailored to your specific needs while ensuring great value. That’s why our private training pricing is structured to deliver exceptional training at an affordable cost. Check out the possible cost below for our courses.

Our team of Professional Scrum Trainers consists of experienced professionals who have worked in the field and actively participated in agile teams and transformations. Their expertise and real-world experience bring a practical perspective to our training programs. They will guide you through your agile journey effectively, helping you gain a deep understanding of the principles and discussing how to apply them in practice.

Unlock your organization’s potential with b-agile’s private training. Join us to thrive in an agile environment and reach new heights.

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We’re proud to be transparent

At b-agile, transparency is one of our core values. We believe in providing you with all the necessary information. That’s why our private training pricing is designed to be transparent. It consists of two components: delivery costs and fixed travel costs, which we strive to minimize.

Our private courses are priced per participant, with larger groups receiving better discounts. This approach offers complete transparency and flexibility. We understand that attendee lists can change, so we accommodate changes up until the day before the course date. The delivery cost will be adjusted accordingly. Please note that our minimum group size for private training is 6 participants.

Open and honest communication is essential to us. If we believe that our training or services may not be the best fit for your needs, we will let you know. Your success matters to us, and we want to ensure you receive the most suitable training.

Curious if b-agile is the right fit? Fill out our quote questions for early feedback. Our estimator will provide an estimated cost* based on the course type and number of attendees. If the quote looks good, hit the submit button to obtain an informal quote.

*Please note that our estimator prices are estimates and not guaranteed, particularly for travel costs. However, we are confident in its ability to provide a realistic quote based on your course type and attendees.

Our quote estimator is set for a maximum class size of 20, with a minimum size of 6 participants. If your quotation falls outside this range or if you require a combination of courses, please contact us with your specific needs, and we’ll respond promptly.

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Steps after quote request

  • We’ll email you a formal quote. Offer you a list of possible dates in line with your request.
  • Let us know which suits you and the venue location of the training.
  • Schedule a date that fits both parties.
  • Send out an invoice for the agreed quote and course date.
  • Email us a proposed list of attendees (name and email address). The list of attendees can change up to the day before the training if need be.
  • We’ll send invites out 1-2 weeks before the course to all attendees. We can send it early if need be.
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What is included?

  • Training delivered by an accredited Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer.
  • All certification fees. For Scrum.org courses this include two assessment attempts should you need them. This also includes the associated PMI credits that can be claimed for attending our classes.
  • Certificated body discounts purchasing on any next level assessment (e.g. Scrum.org 40%)
  • All resources and licenses required for the successful delivery of the training.

What isn’t included?

  • If you wish for us to provide a suitable room and lunch, we will source these at a venue local to the requested location. Whilst the specifics are at our discretion, we do not charge any margin for arranging these. If you can provide appropriate space and infrastructure, then there is no additional charge.
  • VAT is excluded from all quotation prices unless otherwise stated. For in-person classes in the UK, VAT is always added. For virtual classes, VAT is only added for companies registered in the UK.

What our private training clients say

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PSM II – British Gas

Alex, thanks for running such an engaging and insightful session. It never felt like we were just stuck in a training room, you used the space so well which in turn really kept the energy up through the two days.

When I reflect I feel like it’s great to come out of a course with a qualification (will sit the exam this week 🤞🏽) but even better to come out of a course feeling re-energised and focused. It’s rare I take so much away from a training course, but I can absolutely say it’s evolved the way I think, the way I speak and way I approach my work. I came away with so many ideas and was immediately able to apply the knowledge in my daily role.

Thanks again!

Michelle Campbell-Davies

PSPO – ANS Group

Hi Alex,

In the 5 years I’ve worked in the L&D team at ANS I don’t think i’ve ever had such glowing feedback for a course – people were going out of their way to come and tell me how brilliant it was and it’s obviously reflected in the emails you received back to your follow up email.

Thanks so much for delivering such an engaging and interactive 2 days despite the chaos in the office – I can assure you we are usually much more organised and hospitable than we were able to be!

We’ve got so much going on over the next year I’m sure I’ll be back in touch soon.

Take care

Katy  Rawlinson

APS – Credera

Hi Alex

I wanted to say a huge thank you for being on site at Credera again the past few working days, they all loved it!

Many thanks,

Gemma Grover

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