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Professional & Leadership Co-Active Coaching

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Professional & Leadership Co-Active Coaching

Do you want things to be different? Are you looking for change? Do you have important goals to reach? People come to coaching for all kinds of reasons – write a book, have a healthier body, be more effective or satisfied with work or develop new skills to help navigate life’s changes, more impact, less stress. Do you want more from life – more peace, more balance, more fulfillment for a better quality of life?

Co-Active Coaching is a collaborative and transformative coaching approach that focuses on empowering individuals to tap into their inner resources, define their own goals, and take meaningful action toward achieving them.

In Co-Active Coaching, clients and coaches work collaboratively as equal partners in a supportive relationship. It focuses on personal and professional growth, fostering self-discovery and forward momentum. Co-Active Coaching recognizes clients as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, empowering them to realize their full potential through a self-directed journey

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Chris Bexon

If this is you, maybe I can help you through professional coaching?

I deepen a client’s self-awareness, then encourage them to act on their discoveries and make choices that differ from the ones they made in the past. The process of self-development continues in a spiraling motion: as the client makes new choices, they get unexpected results, which leads them to learning new things about themselves. As their self-awareness grows, they experiment with new choices and act in even more novel ways. Again, surprising results encourage them to expand their self-perceptions, nudging the process of self-growth in an ever-spiraling motion.

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