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Introduction to Test Driven Development: Unveiling the Power of TDD

Introduction to test driven development aka TDD

A simple introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD) using a real code demonstration to show:

  • It’s more than a Test First approach: writing a failing test and making it pass.
  • The Importance of BABY STEPS (aka The Three Laws of TDD): the principles can be seen as applied.
  • Mostly About Design & Letting: Let the tests drive the creation of production code.

Through tackling the ‘Prime Factors Kata using a TDD approach, we see the above-mentioned principles in action and the following:

“As the tests get more specific, the code gets more generic.”

Robert C Martin

TDD is one of the Value Added Practices, covered in the Applying Professional Scrum for Software Development course, to help development teams deliver a potentially releasable increment at the end of a Sprint.

If you’d like to know more or how we can help you or your teams incorporate these practices, including running coding dojos and applying katas like Prime Factors, then check out our Technical Agility services.

How to Initiate Writing a Unit Test Faster & with Little Effort

How to initiate writing a unit test faster

Discover how to write unit tests faster and more efficiently using code templates. Join us in the video “Writing a Unit Test Faster & with Little Effort” as we explore techniques to initiate tests with minimal keystrokes, helping you and your teams adhere to common test naming standards. This approach is demonstrated in Visual Studio with the use of ReSharper, but it can also be applied to other IDEs like IntelliJ that support code templates.