Technical Agility Training 

BAgile have the expertise, and a proven record, in working with organisation and teams to establish technical excellence practices within them, to enable real business agility and be more effective and sustainable in software product delivery.

"Agile movement was supposed to promote the ideals of Craftsmanship; and it failed.

Horribly. Craftsmanship is the Agile, that the Agile movement left behind.” - Martin Fowler

Our experience 

  • Agile transformations & adoptions tend to focus on process & collaboration. This only help teams to visualise their problems faster.  It certainly won't enable continuous sustainable agility to deliver business value. 

  • A lack of, or missing, focus on the agile manifesto principle - "Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility."

  • A tendency to look for answers in technology and tools, yet the greatest impact on delivering quality software lies with people and professionalism backed with a reasonable level of experience.

  • With the right focus on training and education, the right attitude and culture can flourish

  • For agile transformations to succeed, the way software is written & delivered has to be adapted too.  

To help embed practices into your teams you need:-

  • Both awareness of the practice but learning by deliberately doing!

  • Mentor teams, and its individuals, to allow these to become standard practices. 

  • Have a strategic learning alignment across the team to enable the same focus, understanding, and vocabulary

Our services

Learning Topics

We have a number of key learning topics delivered in different formats to help teams to become more quality focus and incorporate the complementary technical practices needed to create iteratively a potentially releasable and a valuable product increments at a continuous and sustainable pace.  

We can supply a number of learning topics to teams, or to a group of individuals, in either 1 or 2 day sessions, or supply them through our team Software Crafters Bootcamp programme.  There is no one size fits all, so we work closely with you to deliver an approach that fits your needs.

Our delivery formats consist of:-

  • Workshops: - Sessions provide theoretical and practical skills around defined topics like Software Craft, CI and Agile Testing. 

  • Coding Dojos: - Session based around a coding challenge, normally with a topic focus, where teams or programmers of different skills levels are invited to engage in deliberate practice as equals. For example, topics could be TDD or Clean Code principles

  • Practice: - Mentoring & coaching of development teams in their own environment to support them in application of learned practices.   Pairing or mob programming session are some approaches.

  • Introduction to Software Craft

  • Test Driven Development​

  • Test doubles – Mocks vs Stubs

  • Clean Code

  • Continuous Integration/Delivery

  • Branching Strategies

  • Agile Testing

  • Working with Legacy Code

  • Clean Architecture equals testability

  • Testing Strategies

  • Domain Driven Design

  • Independent Integration Testing

  • Behaviour Driven Development

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • and more...

If this interests you and like to see how we can help or simply like to know more then get in touch 

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