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Terms and Conditions

We provide a number of engagement models to suit based on your location, and needs.


All prices stated are variable based on length of commitment and agreements around travel, expenses, & training and are for illustrative purposes only.


Minimising your risk is very important to us, so for engagements greater than 5 days we give you the option to cancel after the first day onsite if you feel that we are incompatible with your organisation. At that point we can call it quits and only T&E would be due.  

 £1495 (or EUR 1695) a day 

  •  All rates are exclusive of Travel and Expenses 


Private Onsite Training 

Onsite private training costs vary depending on the course being delivered and do not include T&E.  To help drive change within an organisation and enable more people to attend a private ran class at no extra cost, we set a cap on per-student fees.  

With bookings including students above the cap limit, an additional course fee will apply for each student over.


Prices below are in GBP.

Training Organisation (PTN or Other)

We work with Professional Training Network (PTN) members to provide public classes. For 3rd party companies we require that you pay up front for the number of days that you want to book to secure them in our schedule. Our rates are flexible based on geographical and economic regions around the world.

£2990 (or EUR 3390) a day for a class up to 12 students (you can add additional students)

  • All rates are exclusive of Travel and Expenses

  • Booking fee does not include course ware fees

  • Cancelling within 8 weeks will result in a fee of all non-refundable T&E plus 50% of the booking fee

  • Additional students can be purchased at a 80% rate of the published  private per student course rate.

Travel & Expenses (T&E)

If travel is required, we will invoice travel & expenses upon completion of the engagement or monthly, whichever comes first. Associated travel and expenses for each onsite week will be invoiced as actual expenses for air, lodging, and ground transportation. Per diem will be billed at £35 per day or actual expenses.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or reschedule an engagement fifteen (15) or more business days prior to the engagement at no charge. If cancellation occurs ten (10) to fourteen (14) business days prior to the engagement date(s), you will incur a cancellation fee equal to 20% of the engagement price. You are responsible for paying 100% of the engagement price if you cancel nine (9) business days or less prior to the engagement dates.