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What our clients say

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“The (PSM) course made me realise that it is not about memorising the content but understanding it and hence this is a light framework rather than telling you what to do step by step. It rather inspired me and changed my mindset 🙂

The Scrum framework is incomplete because every team is different and even every team member is different too so the same approach won’t work for everyone, only the basic tools are given such as the events etc. I feel so inspired today

Ana Maria Turcitu

Great course and great trainer!

Great course and great vibe. Nice group people and the trainer is the best, has a lot of experience, a lot of great examples and take care of each participant to fully understand the right way

Holban Catalin

“Great class and interaction. Very professional and knowledgeable trainer, I can highly recommend it. Thank you Alex!

Jahel Fabris

Highly Recommend! Very interactive course.

Alex Brown provided a clear overview and useful link/supporting material to review and enhance development into the Product Owner role.

Zoe Griffiths

“I really appreciated the class in general.
Alex is a great trainer, I suggest this 2 days training to anyone willing to learn while having fun.”

Erika Aversa

“Amazing class and very interactive would advise to anyone! A great introduction to the fundamentals of Scrum, in both an informative and practical way.

Andrew McNaught

“Fast-paced with lots of information, all you need to get started with Scrum. Whilst the volume of information seemed a little overwhelming on occasions, it all fell into place in the end. The use of a real-life scenario demonstrated well the framework and values. I completed the course with my team, which was a bonus, leaving us all fully equipped to begin our Scrum journey.

Alex is a very knowledgeable trainer with a passion for the subject. Sharing his own Scrum experience brought the framework to life and helped with my understanding. Highly recommended, I’m already looking into the other courses on offer.”

Emma Brute

“Just a quick thank you – I have not made enough time for training in the last couple of years but this was easily the most interesting and enjoyable course!”

Carl Worden

“If organisation’s are really interested in any type of agile transformations then they need to invest in their development teams and this APS-SD course is the foundation to that”

Pete Shaw